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Enriched with blissful wellness and indulgent private sanctuaries, immersed in Mexican charm, surrounded by blue. Holistic wellness experiences inspired by nature; fresh air adventures through sweeping golden-green plains; and decadent dining, savouring the spoils of boutique local farms and vineyards. Our appointed retailers cover basic installations such as ensuring the TV can be turned on will be done by device installers. Additional installations such as mounting will need to be arranged with appointed retailers.

Yes, Maxis will offer higher speeds when the infrastructure are ready to support such speeds. Please stay tuned for the latest updates. Free DECT phone is provided for new customers. Existing customers may use the home phone that was provided with their current MaxisONE Home Fibre plan, or plug in their own telephone. A monthly subscription of RM10 will be reflected in your bill.


To cancel your iflix VIP subscription, open the iflix app menu, choose account, then my plan, and cancel recurring. For existing customers, your current VOIP number will be maintained after changing your plan. However, if you are switching from another provider, you will not be able to retain your VOIP number and you will have a new number from Maxis. All existing Home Fibre customers within contract or out of contract are eligible to change to their choice of the plan with a new contract of 24 months.

Penalty for customers within contract will be waived.

Regardless whether your home fibre is within or out of contract, you are eligible to change to any one of the new MaxisONE Home plans and your home fibre will be contracted for 24 months and penalty if any will be waived. If your mobile line is under a device contract, you can only move to the MaxisONE Prime mobile plan with same commitment level or higher.

The new plans will not come with any earlier package promo discounts and services. A penalty fee of RM will be imposed for any termination within the contract period. The subscription fees of your previous and current plans, other usages and charges such as calls if any will all be prorated.

Offer is valid until 15 January or while stocks last. You may sign up at your nearest Maxis Store. Any changes to your principal line rate plan or if you decide to terminate the membership, standard Zerolution terms will apply. You can read more here.

If you terminate your Share Line within 24 months, an early termination penalty of remaining period x RM48 will apply. If you do not need a new Share Line, please consider signing up the device on a normal MaxisONE Plan , or before proceeding to sign up on Prime. Please visit your nearest Maxis Store for more details. Yes, you may to change your principal rate plan between MaxisONE Plan , and and not to a lower rate plan.

If you decide change to a lower plan or terminate the plan, penalties as per standard Zerolution terms will apply. You can read more about it here. It is considered as a downgrade and since you are no longer subscribe to MaxisONE Prime, all the Prime benefits will be forfeited and penalty if any will be triggered.

Any delay for home fibre installation requested by you for more than 2 months will be deemed as cancellation.

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In this case, your mobile line will be downgraded to a normal MaxisONE Plan and all the Prime benefits will be forfeited and penalty if any will be triggered. If your home fiber installation is delayed for more than 2 months due to various issues no slot, coverage check not done properly, no port , Maxis will notify the customer accordingly.

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Personal About Maxis Newsroom. Personal Business About Maxis. Find out more about the new Zerolution, a worry-free leasing programme that offers you the best way to enjoy high-end smartphones without having to worry about damage or theft Find out how much your MaxisONE Prime plan will be Fibre Internet Mobile Plan Devices Step 1 Choose a home fibre option: Step 2 Choose number of Share Lines: Maxis ONE Plan Step 3 Would you like to add on a device?

Promo Enjoy a new flagship smartphone from as low as. Previous Get it now.

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Register for MaxisONE Prime now New and existing users, leave us your details and we'll contact you to arrange installation. Please Select New Maxis customer Maxis mobile customer Maxis home fibre customer Maxis mobile and home fibre customer This field is required. This field is required. Please enter no more than 12 characters. Insert only letters and numbers must not include space or special characters. I confirm that the information I have provided is accurate and correct. Thank you for your submission. Sorry, there was an error submitting your form. Please refresh the page and try again.

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Want to know more? Maxis Family Roaming Don't get stuck sharing a hotspot. Frequently Asked Questions Click to view. Benefits that you and your whole family get to enjoy: Unlimited Mobile Data for up to 5 lines — Your principal line and all your Share Lines tied to your principal line will enjoy unlimited mobile data. Am I eligible to sign up for the Plan? How much do I have to pay to sign up for the Plan? Do I have to pay a deposit?